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Smart Lock

Feel welcome in your own home

Invited is like your best friend that always gets the door for you and never forgets to close it. Invited is the smart door lock with which you can comfortably and safely lock and unlock your door. Use the remote control to open the door and walk right through.

Remote control 

Why struggle to try to find the keyhole? Open your door in the modern way with the remote control.

Stand alone 

Install an Invited lock on your existing door. It runs stand alone on batteries, meaning that you will not have to install any cables or wires or change anything about your door.

Fits on your door

Invited will fit on any door with a Euro Profile cylinder. Check here to see whether Invited will fit on your door!

Easy to install

Within 10 minutes, you can fasten Invited to your door yourself. Invited works right away!

Automatic locking  

Never again forget to lock your door; you have Invited for that now!

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Invited is SKG approved and comes with an **SKG cylinder. With this, Invited meets the requirements for the Police Quality Mark for Safe Homes (Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen).

All signals are encoded with the latest 128-bit encryption and Invited uses the same safety protocols as online banking. This makes Invited equally if not more safe than a key lock!


You determine what Invited does. Do you want the door to completely lock behind you? Or do you want to be able to go in and out during the day with ease? 

Invited has a daytime setting and a night-time setting and can also be put in the special knock setting.


Invited is attached to the inside of your door. Its special universal attachment sheet allows Invited to be fastened to almost any door with a Euro Profile cylinder.


You can easily link extra keys to your Invited lock, or block them from your Invited lock. You can even delink a key you have lost, allowing you to take your safety into your own hands.


Invited can be linked to home automation systems, allowing you to lock and unlock your door using an app on your smartphone. You can also easily expand Invited with a keypad or wall switch.

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Remote controls


With a simple push of a button, you can open your door with your remote control. You can add as many remote controls as you want. Order extra remote controls for roommates or regular visitors.

You can also link a remote control to multiple Invited locks, to include for example your lock at work or at your parents’ house. How handy!

Invited Smart Lock


With an Invited Smart Lock, you can open a whole new world, starting at your front door.

An Invited Smart Lock comes complete with 2 remote controls, universal installation equipment and batteries. Within 10 minutes, everything will be ready to use.

Invited fits on all doors with a Euro Profile cylinder and is also suitable for 3-point locks.

Invited is 2-star SKG approved and meets all requirements for the Police Quality Mark for Safe Homes (Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen).





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Plug & Play

Invited is smart. So smart, that it teaches itself what to do. The first time, it learns in what direction and how far to turn. Sensors show Invited when you have closed the door, after which Invited will lock up, making Invited a Plug & Play lock system. The only thing you need to do is fasten Invited to your door. And of course: don’t forget the batteries!

Knock-Knock, who’s there?

Invited has a fun and handy feature: the knock setting. 

Are the children playing outside and do you not want to leave the door open? Or are you having friends over to watch the game, but it’s already started? Then you don’t want to have to get up to open the door. 

Turn on the knock setting and welcome them into your home without having to go to the door!

Invited even smarter

If you want to get the smartest potential out of your Invited Smart Lock, you should link it to a home automation system. That way, you’ll be able to control your Invited lock with your smartphone as well, and you can welcome people into your home without having to go to the door. You can also see exactly who came in and out.

Invited already works with HomeWizard, so order one on www.homewizard.nl if you, too, want to have the smartest house in the street!

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Want to rent out your holiday home? Want to rent out your holiday home?

Want to rent out your holiday home?

Do you want to rent out your second home abroad, but is it always difficult to get the key in the right place at the right time? Or are you going on a trip yourself and are you going to rent out your own flat with AirBNB?

With Invited, you can add and block codes from a distance, meaning that you’ll no longer need any keys!

Make your guests feel welcome in your home and do not worry about the keys.

Online shopping? Online shopping?

Online shopping?

Do you like to shop online, but are you never home when your purchases are delivered?

With Invited, you can grant a courier one-time access to your front door. That way, you’ll never have to stay home and wait for the parcel to be delivered. This is the way to really enjoy all the advantages of online shopping!

Taking care of access Taking care of access

Taking care of access

For people making use of home care services, Invited is the access solution. If you cannot open the door yourself and do not want to have to hang a key in a cabinet next to your front door, Invited will allow home care workers to enter your home. You can do so with a code for example, or of course with the remote control.

That’s a weight off your shoulders.

Spontaneous outings Spontaneous outings

Spontaneous outings

Do you want to go out at night without having to carry around a bunch of keys? Or do you want to go for a run without carrying loose items in your pocket?

Never lug around your keys with you again, and get home safe and sound with Invited. It’s all the more comfortable and you won’t have to waste time trying to find the keyhole in the dark!

Neighbours... Neighbours...


Are you going on holiday and is your neighbour willing to look after your mail? Or are you at work and is the smoke alarm going off?

Then it would be great if someone in your neighbourhood could go check it out. Give them easy access to your house and let them see whether it’s a serious alarm. If necessary, emergency services will also be able to get into your house without having to break down the door.

Smart Living Smart Living

Smart Living

Do you want to be able to control everything in your home with your smartphone? Do you have the heat on and the coffee ready when you wake up every morning?

Then you’ll also want to be able to lock and unlock your front door with your home automation system.
Invited can be linked to your system, so you can make full use of all the options Invited offers. Invited already works with the HomeWizard system.

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